Sumitomo Electric Group
Beware of Fake


Since the Company's foundation, in a ceaseless quest to open new avenues of business, the Sumitomo Electric Group has had a history of extending its expertise in copper wire production, which had evolved from the Sumitomo copper business, to the development of unique proprietary technologies. Expertise in copper wire production technology was extended to the development of a wide array of products including power and communication cables and electronic wires. Deep understanding of the technologies used for drawing these wires and in-house manufacturing of wire-drawing dies led to the development of other products, like special steel wires, and cemented carbide tools. Later on, using knowledge gained in powder metallurgy, we started making sintered parts and diamond products. Meanwhile, exploring the technology of copper wire conductors, we made breakthroughs with compound semiconductors and superconducting wires. What we learned from wire insulation technology was applied in the development of rubber and plastic products (presently called hybrid products) and electron-beam irradiation products. Bringing together the control and transmission technologies acquired through the manufacturing of power cables and electric wires, we eventually extended our business into the fields of systems and electronics. Today, standing on the firm foundation of our accumulated creative technologies, we are ready to leap to new heights in our five business segments of "Automotive,""Information &Communications," "Electronics,""Electric Wire & Cable, Energy" and "Industrial Materials." At the Sumitomo Electric Group, we remain committed to vigorously carrying out the responsibility of "supporting people's living," which we have been fulfilling since the day of our foundation.